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Club Officers

Mitchell Hagler:  President

Cathy Tietz:  First Vice-President, Programs

Connie Moffett & Joyce Plyler:

Second Vice-Presidents, Show

Allison Tietz: Secretary 

John Smethurst:  Treasurer

Linda Gluck: Membership Chair  

Allison Tietz: Webmaster  

At-Large Board Members:

Terry Baucom, Tom Foster, Nancy Moore


Coffee:  Connie Moffett

Church Contact:  Linda Gluck

Club Historian:  John Smethurst

Friendship:  Linda Gluck

Greeters:  Marie Foster

                    Anne Smethurst

Hemalina Reporter:  Mitchell Hagler

Paper Products:  Ann Mozingo

Publicity/Social Media:  Allison Tietz

Setup/Takedown/SIGNS:  Board

Equipment Storage:  Cindy & Ken Dye

Website Photos:  Milton Moffett 
                                 Anne Smethurst


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