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Thank you for taking a moment to check out the DAYLILY LINKS page on the Piedmont Daylily Club website.  
We have tried to offer a variety of links from around the internet to broaden your knowledge of our favorite plant, as well as offer your favorite links in one convenient spot.
If you have a link that isn't listed here, or one that you think our dayliliy friends might enjoy, please send it to the webmaster so we can post it here.
Thank you!
PDC Webmaster
American Daylily Society
American Daylily Society Region 15
Area Daylily Sources

B and B Daylilies – Daylily introductions from Bob and Becky Olsen

Billinda Daylily Gardens – Daylily introductions & AHS Gardens of Bill and Linda Gluck


Celestial Daylilies – Daylily introductions from JD Stadler


Dreamscape Daylily Gardens – Daylily introductions from Ken Wilkie


Home Place Gardens – Daylily introductions from Ken and Cindy Dye

Iron Gate Gardens – Daylily introductions from Van Sellers and Vic Santa Lucia


Judy Davisson – Daylily introductions from Judy Davisson

Slightly Diffferent Nursery - Daylily introductions from Paul Owen

Other Daylily Sources/Daylily Information
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