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Bill and Linda Gluck's garden is an AHS Display Garden that contains a complete Stout and Stamile 'Candy' collections. In addition to Bills introductions they have the garden organized separating the doubles, miniatures and spiders into their own beds.  This garden is beautiful at any time of the year but during the daylily season it comes alive with interest and color.


Visit their website:   Billinda Daylily Garden



Bob and Becky Olsen's garden is the largest of the gardens you will visit and will also offer another hybridizer who is some of their land.  Terry Baucom and Jennifer Prowe sold their farm, Listening Lizards, several years ago and moved the best of their collection to plots generously loaned by  Bob and Becky.    B&B Daylilies will also be the sight of the Region 15 Seeding Bed.  Entries may still be accepted, but you will need to contact Bob or Terry if you intend to send them and entry.


Visit their website:   B & B Daylilies



JD Stadler's garden is being reworked to include mostly his introductions and seedlings.  This is a culmination of 25 years of work on darks, doubles and unusual forms.  JD's program has really blossomed in the past 10 years.   JD will also feature some of Judy Davisson's introductions since her garden will not be open.  JD has agreed to be open on Sunday to allow you to purchase some of his plants.


Visit JD's website:   Celestial Daylilies



The gardens of Jim and Wanda Willis are also an AHS Display Garden, and feature over 400 cultivars blended into five sections of this beautifully landscaped garden.  Large daylily beds which incorporate many companion plants, water features, birdhouses, garden art, climbing vines and a newly add pregola.  A bog garden transitions from shade to the "wow" of the daylily garden.


Jim and Wanda look forward to meeting you and hope you will attend!


Visit their website:   White Hall Gardens

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